I believe, for an authentic expression, an artiste’s music has to be pure and original, and has nothing to do with one’s gender

Sahana Banerjee

Sahana – the Artiste

Born into a family with a rich musical heritage, Sahana’s ability to display her musical dexterity at the tender age of four, urged the world to accept her as a child prodigy. Sahana is a distinguished performer hailing from the Rampur Senia Gharana, a lineage tracing back to Mian Tansen. Today, she is reckoned amongst the front-ranking, iconic Sitarists of India. Her dedication and hard work have led to her wielding an exceptional command over technicalities, alongside an authentic approach towards her presentations.

Additionally, her spiritual inclination inspires her to constantly seek philosophical traits in her music, leaving a strong impact on her audiences across the globe.

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